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Social Assistance, an Important Business.

Social Assistance, an Important Business.

historical context:
Acts 6:1-7
As the Church grew begun to tackle all
problems of an organization and an institution. There is no nation
who has always had and still has such high regard that as
Jewish by the less fortunate brothers.
In the synagogue there was an established custom. Officials had
known as charitable. Two charity scoured the market and the
private homes all Fridays in the morning making a collection
cash to the needy. This was distributed during the day. Those who
needed help temporarily paid enough to
continue, and those who were permanently unable to
sustain themselves paid enough for fourteen meals
or two per day for the next week. The bottom of which was
This distribution is called Kuppah or basket. Moreover it was
a daily collection from house to house those who were passing
pressing needs. This was called Tamhui or tray. Clearly
that the Christian Church wisely followed this custom.
But among the Jews themselves had a failure. Orthodox Jews
hard and hated everything that came from the Gentiles. In the Christian church had
two classes of Jews. There were in Jerusalem and Palestine. Spoke
Aramaic, which came from their ancestral language, and boasted that
households had no foreigners in their lives. On the other hand had
Jews from other countries. They had come to Pentecost; did
the great discovery of Christ and stayed. Many of them had been
outside of Palestine for several generations, they had forgotten the Hebrew and
spoke Greek. The natural consequence was that the proud Jews
Aramaic speaking Jews look down on foreigners. This
rebound found its way of expression in the daily and there
complaints that the widows of the Greek-speaking Jews were passed by high
- What could possibly be made deliberately. Even Acts
apostles could not be involved in these issues. So
Seven were chosen to straighten things out and to bring
over the situation.
It's very interesting that the first appointees
were men who had no duty to speak, were chosen for
a practical service.
Alshorn Florence, the great missionary teacher, once said:
"An ideal is not yours until he comes out of their fingertips."
The first concern of the early Church was to begin its
The Nature of the diaconate
Etymologically the word Deacon translated from Greek means = SERVO - MINISTER, assisting, assist. This word appears specifically in Phil. 1:1; Timothy. 3:8-13 and At.6 :1-7. Also speaking at Deaconess Rm. 16:1.
By the nature of word and context of the function, one sees that the deacons meet a function of secondary services, helping to priests in a locality. Although the word deacon is also applied to other men. In this case refers more to the spirit of service, as Christ also is called this way.
Social Context:

In ancient times there was simply not an option for self-gain for women. If a widow had no children that provide their livelihood, she was in great distress. In this situation, however, were primarily widows of the "Hellenists". After old couples had moved from outside to the Holy Land, especially in Jerusalem. Being dead husband, and children living in a distant land, what would be his wife now? Began service benefit of the church, originally of the Jewish, and now also of the Christian. Consequently, the linguistic differences and the great extension of the church have become stumbling blocks. At that time widows lived a quiet life and demure. Probably the best known apostles widows group Aramaic and viewed them more often. Hellenist widows were "forgotten." Neither Lucas reported that "distribution to each according to his need" has led to a form of regular help. One such activity is consolidated in an institution unexpectedly. It seems, therefore, developed the practice of regularly feeding the needy, to make meals a day for which the Hellenist widows were not invited. However, the fact that certain
people not only found themselves excluded from a free donation and possible, but for regular servicing, which also seemed to give them a "right" to certain benefits, creates special sadness and bitterness. We all know how quickly we feel hurt, how easily suspect "intentions" behind forgetting that in reality are explained by reasons of their inoffensive. Generalize quickly isolated cases, and collective selfishness just exacerbating it. "There was murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews because their widows were being
overlooked in the daily. "
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY BARCLAY, Introduction and overview of the New Testament New Hope
CPAD Magazine-Youth and Adult 1st Quarter 2011

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